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Investment Curve-the 3 Stages of the Financial Game




Gain Stage

Gain Stage

The first step in your financial journey is growing your wealth through sound investment strategies designed to support your most important and meaningful life goals.

The wealth curve in the diagram illustrates a path investors commonly encounter on their financial journey. We believe that this journey includes three distinct stages, each having its own objective: to gain wealth, guard wealth and spending/distributing wealth.

In the GAIN stage, we want to establish good savings habits, reduce our debt burden and get off to a fast start.  At XCountry Financial, we take the time to educate our clients on the basics of investment and get them started in the right direction. 

Guard Stage

Guard Stage

When it comes to investing to reach your goals, the money you don’t lose can be just as important as the growth you generate. XCountry Financial identifies this time in your investment journey as the GUARD stage. We recognize the need for a stronger ability and resolve to weather market volatility, stay committed to your growth strategy and pursue your goals.

We believe the GUARD stage begins reasonably close to the desired start of the GOAL stage, which means there isn’t always much time for investors to recover from large drawdowns.

Drawdown Risk

Drawdown Risk

Preserving wealth during catastrophic market corrections of 25% or more should be a top priority for investors in this stage.  

For example, if a portfolio loses 33%, then a nearly 50% gain would be required to restore the portfolio’s original value.

As the time to fund your goals approaches, think about the risks you’re prepared to take with the wealth you’ve worked hard to grow so that it is there for you when you need it most.

For this stage, XCountry Financial offers strategies designed to guard your wealth by investing within your risk tolerance, attempting to avoid losses that can derail your plans and jeopardize your financial comfort.

Goal Stage

Goal Stage

Eventually, you will need to ensure that the nest egg you have worked so hard to build is there for you to meet your needs and fund your dream during what may be a lengthy and active retirement-the GOAL stage. 

The number one concern of retirees is out living their money.  Longevity Risk.  

Retirees are living longer, maintaining robust lifestyles, and seeking to leave a legacy for the people and causes they care about. To reach investors’ goals, we believe modern retirement income solutions must prioritize both asset preservation and capital growth.


It’s early in the game. In this stage, we seek to grow assets while being mindful of volatility.


Grow wealth



We’re past half time. Within this stage, we seek to protect what we’ve accumulated, while seeking to grow assets.


Guard wealth



We’ve reached the goal line, now it’s time to distribute your money correctly.


Spend wealth


Have a Question?  Need some guidance on what stage and strategy is best for your personal situation?  We'd be happy to educate and help!

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