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Goal Strategies-Monthly Income and Asset Distribution

You've reached your goal.  Now what?

You've reached your goal.  Now what?

You've worked hard, saved over the years and now ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  XCountry Financial calls this the GOAL stage.  We have designed retirement income strategies that are built with these common retirement needs in mind:

-  Wealth Distribution
-  Current expenses
-  Future spending
-  Capital preservation

In the GOAL Stage,  our dynamic approach to retirement income and spending, when compared to many traditional retirement strategies, has a greater allocation to equities and less to fixed income investments. We’ve designed this to help strike the ideal balance between the present need to pay for current expenses and retirement goals, and the need for wealth to last throughout retirement.

Get over the goal line.

Get over the goal line.

A fixed income tilt can be a recipe for underfunding retirement.

The typical approach of tilting to a conservative fixed income portfolio as investors enter retirement and focusing on asset preservation as investors spend down may not be enough to fund retirement and legacy goals, especially in a long-term low-rate environment.

At XCountry Financial we assemble a strategy utilizing multiple investment vehicles, based on your personal goals and complexity of your situation.  It's not a cookie cutter approach.  

XCountry Financial Guided Wealth Portfolios

XCountry Financial Guided Wealth Portfolios

Our clutch player in the 4th quarter is XCountry Financial GWP Goal Stage-an advisor-enhanced automated solution that couples a digital investment platform with our oversight, review, and advice. The 2 ways we've had success in implementing XCountry Financial GWP-Goal Stage into our strategies:

- Wealth Transition
Low Account Minimum-tax deferred accounts for children & grandchildren.
Advisor Relationship-teaching your children & grandchildren financial literacy.

Client Centered

- Non Qualified money in your portfolio
Low Fees-Advisor access at a much lower cost than other platforms
Tax Efficiency- we evaluate the tax impact of each trade before it goes through.
Tax-loss harvesting- offset taxable gains in your portfolio.
Consistent monitoring-portfolio is monitored daily, rebalancing it as needed.

To get started with XCountry Financial GWP, watch the quick 6 minute video to the right and click the "Get A Personalized GWP Proposal" button.

To explore options on generating income in retirement, preserving your assets and getting to the to goal line, drop us a quick note.  We're happy to educate and help!

Thank you!